cake release recipe

Cake release recipe is the latest discovery, the last frontier of EXHAUSTED mom. Since I’m the one who cleans the kitchen, I hate to flour the pans for cakes, pizza, etc., so after having the […]

Chocolate muffins

♪ ♫ ♬Can’t help falling in love with you♪ ♫ ♬ Chocolate muffins will help you through bad times, I assure you, along with your favorite playlist.  If you’re not on a diet, like me. They’re perfect for a […]

Neapolitan Pastiera

Since I’ve been living in Abu Dhabi, the Neapolitan pastiera has become a typical Easter dessert. In Abruzzo, my region, it is not very common but I find it BUONISSIMA. For Neapolitans it is THE […]

Pesto sauce

This is a recipe for pesto sauce AKA Genovese-style basil pesto, following the original recipe. As you will know it is a very common recipe in Italy and it is used to season pasta, you […]