cake release recipe

cake release recipeCake release recipe is the latest discovery, the last frontier of EXHAUSTED mom.
Since I’m the one who cleans the kitchen, I hate to flour the pans for cakes, pizza, etc., so after having the famous cake releaser on my to-do list for months , today I got brave and I made it! YEAH! it took me two minutes and I immediately tested it on that pan that always makes the corners of the cakes stick. APPROVED! The cake came out of the pan with no problem, super easy. It will be useful tomorrow night for bocconotti (check this site for recipe)!
The cake release is a great ally in the kitchen and I really recommend it, because it replaces the double step of buttering and flouring, and you can just brush it on the pan without even getting your hands dirty.
Actually, since I made it, my 5 year old loves to brush it on the baking pans, so those 3 minutes of peace and quiet are the equivalent of the famous calm jar – for mom though!

Cake release

50 g cold butter
50 g flour
70 g seed oil

Procedure. Emulsify with the minipimer butter and seed oil, lastly add the flour. Done! 
Store in a jar in the refrigerator for a month.
To use it, just take it out of the fridge and brush the pan you want to use!

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